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If you are injured at someone’s home or business through no fault of your own, you may have a claim to recover for your injuries under a premises liability theory. Some of the circumstances that can give rise to a claim for injury under a premises liability theory are the following:

  • A location with insufficient security measures that puts you at risk for harm as a result of crime (shootings, sexual assault, theft with intent to harm, murder)
  • Unsafe or unmaintained interior, exterior, or yard/property (broken stairs, weak floors, unsupported balconies, trees with branches that could fall, poisonous plants, slick or icy surfaces)
  • Slip and fall due to maintenance, neglect, or poorly placed items (like a display that narrows an aisle that causes a fall)
  • Electrocution danger due to insufficient safety measures in installation or maintenance
  • Dangerous pets (dogs, cats, exotic animals)
  • Dangerous chemicals (cleaning or yard products)
  • A swimming pool or trampoline that is not adequately fenced or does not have appropriate warning signs/labels.

In these circumstances and many others, an owner, landlord, tenant, or other authorized manager of a property could be held liable for injuries or crimes that take place at a location under their supervision.

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